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Nosy about wine?

Nosy about wine?


Aardvark Wine & Beer

Scope of work

Identity, Strategy, Writing, Print, Social

Aardvark Wine & Beer is a boutique shop created to take the snobbery out of wine. Founded by a self-taught connoisseur turned certified sommelier, Aardvark brings a humble, community focused approach to learning about and loving wine. They arrived with an idea and an off kilter name. We took it from there and created the visual system, character and illustration, and tone of voice that make Aardvark a destination.

Strategy & Brand Platform

We started with Aardvark’s dream, a wine shop that builds community and culture around remarkable wine, and created a brand strategy to keep them consistent on what they stand for, how they're different, and why people should care.

Brand Platform

Brand Identity

Let’s admit it: Aardvark is a weird name for a wine shop. That’s why we love it. We took that name and built an identity system around it, embracing the quirk with funky typography, a wine-inspired color palette, and a layer of hand-written humanity.


Primary Logo

If an aardvark was a font, this would be it. We started with an off-beat typeface, then modified it to reflect the brand personality and, yes, feel Aardvark-ian.

Secondary Logo

One logo wasn’t enough. We created a bodega-and-neon inspired word mark to use in secondary applications and bring depth to the brand system.

Color Palette
Illustration Banner


Meet Aaron. He’s the curious fella that forms the face of Aardvark’s branding. We created a library of poses and versions that connect the real world animal to the Aardvark experience: curious, putting his nose to good use, and sometimes getting a bit tipsy in the best way.

Aaron Poses
Aaron-Progression-V1 (1)
Grape Pattern
Environmental Banner


Aardvark’s physical location is a bit off the beaten path. The building needed to be immediately recognizable and attention grabbing. We used bold brand colors for paint and worked with a local mural artist to put Aaron front and center. Now, you truly can’t miss it.

Custom lettering and signage bring the brand out to the street. We were able to salvage the vintage letter board portion of the road sign, and produce custom letters using Aardvark’s jaunty brand typography.

Outdoor Sign-1
Outdoor Sign-2
Shelf talkers-1
Shelf talkers-2

Shelf Talkers

Aardvark’s attitude is all about making the wine shop less intimidating and more approachable. Shelf talkers have the potential to help a shopper quickly find their way, but in most wine shops they are so complex—full of arbitrary or proprietary “rankings”, obscure certifications, dense text—that they end up being more confusing than helpful.

Instead, we re-imagined what a talker should be; The voice of the sommelier when a personal recommendation isn’t possible, a place to show personality, and a way to spotlight great wine in a more relatable, creative way.

Carousel 1
Carousel 2
Carousel 3
Carousel 4
Beer cooler-1

Wine & Beer Coolers

Working with inherited coolers for the beer selection and wine shelving, we explored ways to keep bringing Aardvark’s personality to life in tandem with clear navigation throughout the shop. They bring color and energy to the aardvark’s burrow.

Beer cooler-2
Beer cooler-4
Beer cooler-5
Print banner

Brand Extension

We extended the Aardvark identity system to critical brand touchpoints: social media templates, business and gift cards, packaging, tasting note templates, and collateral for Aardvark’s first wine clubs.

Wine tote
AAR-001-Portfolio-41 1
Wine club-1
Tasting notes-1
Wine club-2

Created at Nonfiction


Neil Wengerd — Creative Direction
Jeff Packard — Strategy
Amanda Caskey — Design + Animation
Anne Knellinger — Design + Illustration
Jacob Strous — Design
Nick Stull — Exterior Murals
Creative Palette — Environmental
Tonic Studios — Apparel


Art Direction, Design, Webflow Design + Dev, Strategy, Photography



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© wilkeworks, llc 2024

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